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Drawing your favorite animated characters

Do you love drawing characters from your favorite tv shows, movies and video games but sometimes struggle getting them to look right or simply just want some guidance from a higher-level artist to make your character drawings look even better?

If you do, then this is the class for you! Each week, students will suggest and vote on a character to focus on the following week. During class-time we will work on an illustration of a single character (chosen the week before!) with a detailed breakdown and help from the instructor!

A new character every week; access to high quality art supplies such as Copic Markers; fun, relaxed class environment; and guidance from an experienced artist are some of the great things your student will experience!

Please note: Students should have an interest in drawing and be able to comprehend verbal and visual directions well. The teacher will have final say on whether a character is suitable for the class.

Teacher: AJ Bondio

Cost: See pricing chart

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