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Drawing Cartoon, Manga & Video Game characters

Bring your characters, environments, props, and storyboards to life.  Explore light and shade, perspective, color theory, and basic design techniques.  Not only will the characters look more dimensional, but the environments and objects will also be more believable.  Learn how to take 2D line drawings and process them into tones for a lifelike result.  Also, explore how to arrange shapes, values, colors, and edges in an interesting and intriguing ways to create images that hold the viewer’s attention.

From concept to color, learn the techniques used by modern day professional artists and animators who work in Manga and Anime.  This is a beginners class, but all levels are welcome to join.

Ages: 2 age groups 8-11yo. and 12+yo.

Teacher: AJ Bondio

Cost: See pricing chart

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