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Digital Art on Ipad using Procreate Software

Procreate is one of the leading software for digital 2D art and the leading software for IPad. It is quickly becoming a staple tool in many of the biggest professional art fields. Procreate is a small fraction of the cost of Photoshop with most all the same tools and creative power, its mobile and has very little learning curve making it one of the very best software for those making their first leap from traditional into digital art, which can normally be a painstaking and frustrating process for most. In this class you will learn all the basic functions of Procreate along with tons of art tips and tricks to get you on the track to creating your own digital art pieces with help from professional digital artist AJ Bondio.
Students must provide their own 6th Gen iPad or IPad Pro with the Procreate software and Apple pencil stylus. 
Teacher: Zach Robinson
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