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Dialects & Accents

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use different accents? Maybe for acting or just for fun? If so, this is a perfect class for you.

There are 2 age ranges for this class – for the younger kids there will be games and imitation. For the older group the details below will be applicable:

We will be learning an invaluable tool called the International Phonetic Alphabet. Using this, we will break down American dialect sounds and learn how to place those sounds in different spots on words to produce a specific accent. The ones we will be working on in this class are Standard RP (Received Pronunciation – the prim and proper British), Cockney (the lower class British), and the Russian dialect. The final unit will be spent exploring 2 dialects of the class’s choosing. You will learn some valuable tools which will carry into other areas of your life such as:

• training your ear to pick up subtleties in sounds like vowel/consonant placement and syllable emphasis

• the International Phonetic Alphabet which helps visualize those subtleties enabling you to write out the sounds you hear
• strengthening of overall analysis skills

Teacher: Emma Krishnaswami

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