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This class has 2 levels for Spring 2015.

Come learn about different debate formats, including Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Lincoln-Douglas, and Parliamentary type debate.  Our ultimate goal with the class is to have a Debate Team that will be able to go to competitions, but this semester, we’ll work on practicing each of these types of debate.  It is suggested for students to have taken the Public Speaking class before this one, but not required.

Why is Debate so important?  In a class like this, students will learn how to think on their feet, think critically, think from the other side’s perspective and put all that together in a debate format.  There won’t be homework, because everything will be done in class.  Students will have time in class to prepare their position for the debate and then do the debate in class.

Introductory Class – for those who have never taken Debate before

Level 2 – for those continuing in Debate or who has previous Debating experience – working towards a Debate Team who can compete

Teacher: Nick Bremner

Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: Please see pricing chart

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