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Cut, Sew & Create – Beginning Sewing Projects (8-11yo.)

In this class we will learn all about drawing inspiration from our surroundings through pictures, colors, and textures. You will create a mood board and start a Pinterest page or Inspiration page in your sketchbook. Your Mood Board will pave the way for your collection. It will help you stay organized as you get creative throughout the upcoming weeks.

I will provide a Classroom Stash of trims, embellishments, etc. for you to use for your collection. We will discuss Color Theory and the Color Wheel. We’ll go over all the basics and safety measures for tools and sewing equipment. Some of the Textile Design techniques we will explore include Shibori, Discharge, Screen Printing and more.

You will exercise your fine motor skills with patternmaking and handsewing. During this semester you will make a Sock Doll, Pillow Case, Upcycle an existing garment from your closet, Macrame a belt or key fob, Throw Blanket, Pajama Bottoms, and Hack your first store bought pattern as well as sew it up.

HOMEWORK: Do expect homework for this class. It is project heavy and you will need to continue working on your projects throughout the week outside of class. REQUISIT: Strong fine motor skills and ability to use scissors with near precision.

TOOLS: You will need a sketchbook (any size you like, lined or unlined), pencils and other writing instruments, glue stick, double sided tape (optional), and a table top sewing machine (if you have one you want to use).

MATERIALS: Budget about $40 to purchase fabric at the store.  Optional is your own sewing machine so you don’t have to wait in line to use the class machines and can get projects done faster.

COME PREPARED: You will need a backpack or tote large enough to carry your project(s) and tools. FIELD TRIP (OPTIONAL): We will meet at Joann’s in nearby area. Details will be discussed in class and a handout for parents will be provided.

Ages: 8-11yo.

Teacher: Carla Moran

Cost: See pricing chart and the fees for fabric

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