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Creative Writers’ Workshop


This course is for high school (and advanced middle school) students who want to hone their creative writing skills, learn about how to craft an engaging story, and find their personal “voice.” This course will include discussions, in-class writing assignments, structured lessons, and even a few creative games and exercises that will help students improve not only their writing skills but their confidence and self-knowledge as well. Students will:

  • Develop figurative language techniques like simile, metaphor, personification and more
  • Increase their vocabulary so they’ll be able to find just the right words (and even perform better on the SAT/ACT)
  • Move more expertly through the phases of a story from exposition to resolution
  • Discover common devices to develop and avoid
  • Learn from one another as well as the teacher, and grow from support and feedback


This course doesn’t offer A-G credit as a standalone course, but can be taken as an elective or as supplemental for those who are interested in developing their skills as writers, whether they’re experienced and would like to take their writing to the next level, or are inexperienced writers who would like to learn the basics, gain some confidence, and get inspired. Homework is light, but students who would like to really expand their abilities may choose to write more than the minimum between weeks and receive feedback to expand their abilities at a quicker rate.


About the teacher: Lizzie Scott has taught writing to high school students for several years, is classified as an “HQT” (Highly-Qualified Teacher), and combines education in writing and psychology to help students bring realism and fun to their writing. She creates a supportive and inspiring atmosphere to help students reach their personal writing goals.


Ages: 13+yo.

Cost: See pricing chart

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