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Economics, Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship

This class is all about learning through doing and interacting.  You can call it boot camp to survive in the real world in terms of finances and some essential life skills, like simply filling out forms, which is easier said than done, if you’ve never done it.  Some forms that we will go over will be applications for a job, an apartment, a car loan and more.  Come learn about how economics work & how it affects your personal finances.  Learn to budget and keep records of where your money went by coming up with your own budget in class as well as a realistic budget as an adult and then tracking expenses.  Brainstorm ideas for possibly earning money.  Study savings, inflation, insurance, investments, and credit.  Understand the Federal Reserve System and banks.  Learn to balance a check book.  Learn the basics of supply & demand, goods & services, and other economic terms as well as how current events affect economic news. Learn the basics of investing and international markets. We will employ games for some of the learning.  We will also work on developing our own businesses and have an Entrepreneur Day where we’ll display our goods and services.  Learn about different kinds of businesses and some marketing.

Teacher: Elmarie Hyman

Ages: 14yo.-adult

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