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Computer Basics for Adults

Kids are more than welcome at this class as well, but this class is designed to help adults see how technology can help make their lives easier and not harder.  Want to keep up with your kids?  This reduced cost class is for you!

Just bring your laptop and if you don’t have the software, just come and we’ll help you set it up where possible.

The class has a few different sections for which you can sign up individually depending on what you need:

6 week class for PC users

Week 1:  Basics of the inside of computers

Week 2: Email set ups and file organization on computers

Week 3: Microsoft Word or Open Office documents and all its features

Week 4: Microsoft Excel or Open Office spreadsheets and all its uses

Week 5: Microsoft Powerpoint and uses for public presentations

Week 6: Editing photos and videos with easily accessible software, learn how to use smartphones and how their settings work

6 week class for Mac users

This 6 week session will follow the same format as the PC class above, but just with the Mac equivalent programs.

4 week class for Introductory Website Design using WordPress

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: REDUCED RATE!! $60

Ages: Adults

To register: Click here