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Image result for strategy board games                      Games Club


Cost: $15/semester

Ages: 10+yo.

Coordinators: Elmarie Hyman, Greg Leighton, Jake Aust (on occasion)

When & What:  Kids will play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons role playing game), strategy & other games  – Free – we will have D&D with Greg Leighton every 1st, 3rd & 5th Monday of the month and other games on the 2nd and 4th Mondays.  The club meets 4:15pm – 6:15pm on Monday afternoon/nights.   Some of the games that they will play include Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Machi Koro, Exploding Kittens, Magic the Gathering, some playing card games and many more.

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Minecraft Club    Image result for minecraft

Cost: $75/semester- currently Full forming a waitlist

Ages: 8+yo.

Coordinators: Kris & Will Doyle

When & What: Play Minecraft in a safe environment with fellow LBB students on a server that is open 24/7 and has activity tracked to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.  The club also has some in-person play time as well as a weekly time to play online all together.

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Teen Social Club              Image result for board games

Cost: Free

Ages: 13+yo.

Coordinators: Elmarie Hyman, Lizzie Scott

When & What: On the 4th Friday of every month from 7-9pm, we will get together and play all sorts of games that teens love at our teen game night. Some games we play a lot include Telestrations, Blokus, Jenga, Loaded Questions, and much more.  Always bring a snack to share and water is provided.

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Image result for stem education logo                      STEM Club

Cost: $160/semester

Time: Fridays at 11am-12:30pm

Ages: 11+yo.

Coordinator: Jonny Hyman

When & What: This club meets every Friday at 11am-12:30pm for working on all kinds of Science & Technology challenges.  Part of the club later in the year will be spent working on Science Fair projects.  Students will work on other projects during the rest of the year and are encouraged to bring in topics they want to explore.

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Image result for little women book    BOOK CLUB (Santa Clarita)

Cost: Free

Time: Fridays at 11am-12pm

Coordinator: Christina Surette

The book club will take turns reading and discussing the book and also go over vocabulary and learn about the 60 authors Alcott alludes to in Little Women.

Some notes on Little Women by the author John Matteson:

The March sisters of Little Women affirm the importance of both family and literary awareness; Alcott cites or alludes to at least 60 other authors in Little Women. Little Women is also unusual among American novels of adolescence in that the main characters make successful transitions to adulthood. Holden (Catcher in the Rye) ends up in a mental hospital. Huck (Huckleberry Finn) lights out for the territory because he can’t deal. Little Women can strengthen both boys and girls with its message that adolescence is navigable.



Image result for game night       Game/Social Nights in Sherman Oaks (5+yo.)

Even though all enrolled students are welcome at any of our game/social nights, some of our families in the San Fernando Valley (Northridge & Sherman Oaks locations) might not want to drive up to Santa Clarita too many times, so we will have a social evening the first Saturday of each month at S.L.A.M. Tutoring in Sherman Oaks or at other nearby locations.  We might do game nights some months, other months it might be a movie night and lastly we might go do something else that is fun, like bowling, ice skating, trampoline park, and whatever else you might suggest : )  Santa Clarita and Lancaster families are welcome to join in as well!  Bring a snack to share.

Cost: Free

Ages: 5+yo.

Time: 1st Saturday of the month at 7-9pm

Coordinator: Elmarie Hyman and Nooneh Kradjian

Location: S.L.A.M. Tutoring, 14332 Ventura Blvd. (c/o Beverly Glen & Ventura in the brown brick strip mall).  Parking is available under the building and usually is free on weekends.