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Confident Teens – Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Social media platforms, films, TV shows, fitness, clothing brands and more flood our minds with images of what we “should” look like. While it is slowly improving, there is still much work to be done in terms of embracing and representing all body types. Change starts with you learning how to love your own body in all its miraculous wonder. In this course we will explore tools that will help you learn how to love the body you were given, how to look at it neutrally without judgement, and how to identify triggers that might negatively inflluence how you see your body. Topics that will be explored and discussed:

• positive and negative body image

• what influences body image

• methods of changing one’s body to be wary of and why

• how to have a healthy mental approach to food, exercise, and social media

• mental exercises you can carry through life to stay strong against negative body image suggestions

Teacher: Emma Krishnaswami

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