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Beyond The News: Learn Beyond The Book Digital Newspaper Lab

Writing for the LBB newspaper is a fun and empowering way to help the LBB community stay connected, take on a leadership role within the community, and develop your writing skills and confidence as a writer. In this class, students will have a lot of personal input in shaping what we create and share with the LBB community.

Students will choose which sections to include, and how often they want to go to press.  All students will have a chance to write, edit, add photos, create polls, conduct interviews, share their ideas, and work as a team to build something that will bring personal pride and a sense of connection among the community. 

(There will be some homework required each week.)

About the teacher: Dr. Lizzie Scott is a published author, experienced writer, and mother who has years of experience teaching high school- and college-level courses in writing and other topics, as well as running the Student Council. In her role as a professional writer, she has many years of experience writing newsletters as well.

Ages: 14+yo.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

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