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Fundamentals of Digital Photography – Lancaster

This course is an introduction to the basics of digital photography. We will cover camera models, the mechanics of a camera, and becoming comfortable with your equipment. We will explore how to find and use light, as well as demonstrate composition and perspective techniques. We will explore various types of photography while studying famous photographers and their work. Students will receive basic instruction on techniques, review several samples of desired outcomes, and participate in class demonstrations. Students will experience many different lighting scenarios, such as bright sunlight, open shade, in a room with a window, and in rooms with no windows. They will have assignments to complete in class as well as at home.
At the end of the course, students will know how to use the features of their camera so they can control the appearance of their photographs, have a full understanding of natural and artificial lighting situations, see how composition can add to or detract from an image, understand perspective, and seek more creative ways to craft their photographs.
Supplies needed: Students must bring a digital camera for them to use during class time. Cameras with a manual option will provide the broadest education, but any digital camera can be used. Some assignments may be turned in digitally via email, while others must be printed at a local photo lab of your choice.

Ages: 8+yo.

Teacher: Elaine Dieball

Cost: Please see price chart

Students need to supply their own camera to bring to class

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