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Welcome to Before Five in a Row! I work with children to peak their interests in learning, and those interests can then be fostered at home. Five in a Row is a homeschooling program based on rich literature to facilitate learning in all subjects, and Before Five in a Row is aimed at children ages 3-6.

Five in a Row is a homeschooling approach where the same piece of literature is used five days in a row to examine the story in five different ways. Each day has its own subject, so that all subjects are covered in the span of a week. My version of Before Five in a Row has been adapted for Learn Beyond the Book, and instead of five days a week, we will meet once a week and cover one of the subject areas. These subjects will shift each week, so that in a month all of the subjects have been covered over various stories. We will use the subject we are covering to work on writing and reading skills.

A monthly plan will be emailed out to parents so that, if they wish, they can continue to use that book for the rest of the subjects that same week. Otherwise, the student will have samples from other books and weeks to cover all the required samples needed. Work samples will be emailed out each week. I collect their work in individual workbooks that the students will get to keep once they are full. Five different educational focuses will be used: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Arts, and Science.

Ages: 3-6yo.

Teacher: Meredith Boyle

Cost: See pricing chart

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