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Atomic Adventures

Why rainbows are formed? Why do boats float on water? What is the Universe made of? In this class we will explore an introduction to Physics, the laws and forces of the Universe and the different scientists that brought our attention to these concepts. Gravity, atoms, metals and nonmetals, mass and density, forces, and Newton’s laws are one of the few atomic adventures we will get acquainted with. We will dip our toes on the Periodic Table. There will be experiments and art!This class is designed for the entire year. 

Materials and Textbook:
 Children will need a blank notebook (link here) and the following book:Professor Astro Cat’s Atomic Adventure https://www.amazon.com/Professor-Astro-Cats-Atomic-Adventure/dp/1909263605/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=atomic+adventure&qid=1625645717&sr=8-1

Teacher: Martha Zittel

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