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Astronaut Camp

Do you ever wonder what it takes to be an Astronaut? Do you know there is a Whale and a Heart on Pluto? How much would you weigh in Jupiter?  Do you think humans will get to live on Mars?

Let’s take a flight and explore outer Space.

 We will travel through space and visit our Solar System and go beyond it to see all the surprises that await us in deep Space.

We will start with our home and learn Earth Science and life on our Blue Planet. 

We will travel to the rest of our Solar System after making a stop on our beloved Sun, we will jump into each planet (including the dwarf ones) and all their satellites.

We will talk about stars, galaxies and constellations and the myths behind them.

We will see what comets, meteors and meteorites are made of .

We will study our Moon and its phases.

And we will all learn about space travel and all the people that have made it possible.

Along the way, we will design our own space suits and rocket ships.

Students will need this textbook, a blank notebook, and this sticker book.

Teacher: Martha Zittel

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