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McDonald’s, Apple, the American Red Cross. Each of these companies creates a visual image in your mind, but why? Strong brands with recognizable logos.
In this workshop, students will discover how to create a company or product brand using logos, packaging and marketing. They will learn how to use design elements, illustration, color matching and mixing, proper typeface, and package design in creating memorable brands and more!

There will also be a lot of illustration and art instruction in this course.

By the end of the course, students will understand:
• The history of lettering
• Components of logo development
• Illustration techniques like cross-hatching, patterns, effects of light and shadow, and 2- and 3-dimensional drawing
• Character proportions
• Color theory, including the psychology of color usage, mixing watercolors and the emotional color guide
• Basic advertising and marketing principles

Teacher: Andrea Hoffman

Cost: Please check pricing chart

Non-refundable materials cost: $40

Ages: 9+yo.

To register: Click here

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