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Art, Artists & Experiments

Each class we will draw, paint or print like the great artists. We will have a little introduction about a new artist at each class and then we will make our own art in the style of that artist. 

It’s a discovery, inventional, interactive, and inspiring new way of making art.

Some examples of class topics:

Play with photomontage like Hannah Höch, Patton print in the spirit of Klimt. 

Learn how to Matisse mastered Drawing with scissors.

Meet Miró the mark-maker.

Experiment with ink-blotting just like Warhol.

Other days we would make a craft and use STEM-based learning. It will be outdoor experiments. For example:  Learn how to make a giant speaker, bubble snake, glass garden, and more with just a few household items!

Teacher: Noemi Panterra

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