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Crash Course in Math Magic

What if I told you that the secrets of the past, the present, and the future are knowable to any mere mortal? The true magic of the world is not hidden by mages or warlocks, but rather behind a few key insights which allow its discovery. This magic is – of course – mathematics! Most people hear that word and shiver in fear of the unknown, but once you leave this class, you will hear that word and shiver in fear of its power!

Here, we will start with the simplest methods of manipulating numbers, and build to the most amazing concepts – which most people (sadly) don’t learn until they are in college!

If you ever felt there was more to math than meets the eye – you are right – and this class is all about boldly exploring the world of math magic.

A background in Algebra, Pre-Algebra, or Geometry will be helpful, but worry not if you find those topics fuzzy!

Students should bring their laptops (Chromebooks won’t work) to class each week.

Since the teacher is also involved in multiple outside projects, he wanted to clarify that he might have to occasionally reschedule a class or do a class via tele-conferencing, but of course would minimize this as much as possible.

Ages: 14+yo.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: See pricing chart

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