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Applied Math Applications for Programmers (13+yo.)

From Iron Man’s JARVIS to The Enterprise’s teleporters, the future gets brighter every day thanks for programming! Behind the billions of 1’s and 0’s though, there are the people who dream up HOW to do the next amazing thing. These programmers rely strongly on the power of mathematics, to make reality and the world of bits and bytes combine. Join us, and learn about many things from the simplest ideas of logic, to more complex ideas related to algorithms and control systems. A knowledge of basic math is required, and a knowledge of basic algebra is recommended, but not required.

Students should bring their laptops to class each week.

Since the teacher is also involved in multiple outside projects, he wanted to clarify that he might have to occasionally reschedule a class or do a class via tele-conferencing, but of course would minimize this as much as possible.

Ages: 13+yo.

Teacher: Jonny Hyman

Cost: See pricing chart

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