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Anthropology through Film: Culture & Humanity

In this class, Anthropologist Erin Donovan will use film as a backdrop for discussing cultural issues and differences with students. Meeting one time per week for 3 hours, the class will rotate on a 3-week basis so that in the first week we will eat popcorn and watch a movie, the 2nd and 3rd weeks Ms. Donovan will use that movie to introduce different pieces of American culture and to compare that with cultures around the globe. Students will ultimately be able to discuss the many parts of culture ranging from marriage practices to ideas about gender to economics, politics, art and religion against the larger backdrop of Anthropology and the study of humans across time and space. An example, we will view “The Blind Side” and discuss issues relating to the White Savior Film, race, class and more!
We are currently working on linking this to an online community college class, so that students can be working towards college and high school credit at the same time.
Ages: 14+yo.

Teacher: Erin Donovan

Cost: See pricing chart

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