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Animals in Time

In this 32-week class, students will learn about world history and cultures, with animals  as their tour guides. We will be using the Animals in Time storybook and activity book.  (A description of these books is provided below.)  

These A-Z animal adventure stories will whisk kids across the globe as they paddle the  Nile River, lumber through the Amazon rain forest, and march across the Mesoamerican  terrain. There is one item that makes traveling through time and space possible for the  animals—the Commandment Stone! From dodging arrows of the Visogoths, to  escaping the clutches of the Samurai, or simply sipping frothy xocolatl (or hot  chocolate) with the Aztecs, kids are sure to remember the people and places from long  ago, inspiring them to consider the contribution they will, in turn, make to this world.  

The following activities in the activity book are based on each story in the storybook:  

• coloring pages  

• animal facts with maze and art  

• animal fact seek and find  

• history/civilization activity  

• science activity  

• geography mapping  

• newspaper notebook page for child’s own writing (fiction or nonfiction)  


Students should purchase the following books as either printed books or digital downloads:

Links for printed books on Amazon:

Storybook in Print
Activity Book

Links for digital downloads:

Storybook Digital Download

Activity book download (copies are fine within a family)

Teacher: Hosanna Rodriguez

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