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Animal Habitats & Classification in the many biomes of the world

This semester, our Science Explorers will study the animal kingdom in this exciting
Quest in Science course! They will investigate the many types of animal habitats within
the Earth biomes, such as forests, deserts, arctic, and the ocean, each with its own
special environment. Each habitat provides shelter and food for animals that live there.
The students will learn how scientists classify animals into mammals, birds, reptiles,
amphibians, fish, insects, and spiders. They will identify the physical and behavioral
adaptations of animals to understand how each has adapted to their environments,
even extreme environments. Some activities will include modeling bird beaks through
similar shaped tools, designing their own fish by combining various physical
characteristics, participating in a role play activity to demonstrate the musk-oxen
defense circle, and conducting an experiment to learn the importance of blubber for
keeping some animals warm! Students will also learn how animals can work in groups
to survive and how they compete for resources. Throughout the quarter, students work
together in small lab groups to perform experiments, test hypotheses, and gather and
record data. They will keep a science folder for all their work related to our science
studies that will go home with them each week and can be used for their evidence of
science for your records!

Teacher: Quest in Science

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