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Anatomy & Physiology


This semester long high school science course will be an introduction to anatomy and physiology. It is a good course for students thinking about going into the medical field. As it is considered a high-level science course, it will be challenging and demanding just like the medical industry.  Topics include chemistry of the body, cell and tissue organization, all major body systems (parts and processes), diseases, and career investigations.

COURSE PREREQUISITES:  Algebra 1, Biology, Chemistry


This course will be set up like a flipped classroom where students will be required to complete weekly academic work on their own including reading free text material, watching videos, and viewing PowerPoints.  The focus during our virtual time together will be labs and other hands-on activities that match the weekly concept (some small purchases may be required for at home labs).  Weekly anatomy quizzes, assignments, and projects will be used as assessment for the course.

Teacher: Brooklyne Coulter

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