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Waldorf-inspired Intro to Language & Arithmetic (6-7 year-olds)

As a Waldorf teacher, I have taught language and math through sixth grade.  For the young child, the concept of letters and numbers is very abstract.  Using techniques that embrace how a child learns, I will introduce letters and numbers imaginatively. By incorporating stories, verses, songs, and movement into each lesson, the child’s auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities will be addressed.  This gives each child the opportunity to develop their listening skills as well as strengthen their memory as we review the previous day’s story.  Each day’s lesson will incorporate writing and drawing in a main lesson book, thus completing the lesson with practical work.

I will have four blocks in the 16 week semester.  The language blocks will introduce form drawing and proper holding of the crayon or pencil, consonants, and writing.  Reading follows writing and the children will be writing simple sentences (copying them from the blackboard) and then reading them with the teacher.

The arithmetic blocks will begin with number quality (there is 1 sun, 4 seasons, etc.) and then introduce children to the four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) through the use of counting stones and four endearing gnomes who will represent each process. We will work with practicing number facts of 1-12 and learn to count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

We will alternate blocks every four weeks, giving the child an opportunity to focus on the subject that is being introduced.  With each new block, time will be given for review before embarking on the next lesson.

This class will support the parent who is searching for ways to enrich their home school curriculum and meet educational standards.

Ages: 6-7yo.

Teacher: Leigh Hart

Cost: $550 (all materials included) – 3 hours per week

Minimum: 5 students

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