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American Girl (and Boy) Stories

How did children live in older times? What kinds of games did they play? Did they go to school? Did they have to work? What kind of lives did they lead? Basing our class on the amazing characters that Pleasant Rowland created for the Pleasant Company (American Girl), we will explore the lives of the 8 original Girls: 
KAYA’S World,  growing up in a Native American Homeland in 1764.
FELICITY’S World, growing up in Colonial America in 1774
JOSEFINA’S World, growing up on America’s Southwest Frontier 1824.
KIRSTEN’S World, growing up in Pioneer America 1854SPRING:
ADDY’S WORLD, growing up during America’s Civil World
SAMANTHA’S WORLD growing up in America’s New Century
KIT’s WORLD, growing up in America’s Great Depression
MOLLY’S WORLD Growing Up in World War Two America

Students will do arts and crafts like each character did and we will keep a journal reflecting the History of their times. Paper dolls will help us recreate scenes from the "MEET..." books.I am looking forward to this class, it promises lots of fun and a bundle of learning and I hope your children will join it!


Teacher: Martha Zittel

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