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Algebra 2

This is a year-long class.

We will start with a review of algebraic and numeric expressions and solving multi-step equations.  We will move into inequalities (compound inequalities, absolute value inequalities, and systems of inequalities).  We will solve systems of 2 equations and 3 equations.  We will work with rational expressions and equations.  We will simplify, add, subtract, multiply and divide radicals.  We will work with radicals with rational exponents.  We will  know the Remainder Theorem and the Binomial Theorem.  We will move into basic matrix operations, matrix addition, matrix multiplication, and determinates for 2×2 and 3×3 matrices.   We will spend some time with the coordinate grid and the properties of parabolas, the vertex, minimum/maximum values and axis of symmetry of parabolas.  We will add, subtract, multiply and divide complex numbers, including imaginary numbers.

Teacher: Gracie Tauch

Cost: Please see pricing chart.

Ages: Ability-based, must have completed an Algebra 1 course.  See what is covered in Algebra 1 here.

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