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Acting Shakespeare: Merchant of Venice

“But love is blind, and lovers cannot see 

The pretty follies that themselves commit.”

(Jessica, Act 2 Scene 6)

Join us in Venice, where “Shylock asks for a pound of flesh as part of a loan contract (weird), Bassanio agrees to it (weirder), and Portia saves the day by cross-dressing and pretending to practice the law (perfectly normal).”—Shakespeare Birthplace Trust 

In this class, students will perform excerpts from Shakespeare’s powerful comedy, The Merchant of Venice. They will use their whole selves to connect with each other, literature and history in a meaningful and impactful way. Students will learn about Shakespeare’s life and theatre as well as what goes into staging a play, including theatre vocabulary and design elements. We will embrace Shakespeare’s language with passion and joy in a positive, nurturing environment! Through improvisational games and rehearsing with a script, their confidence with being onstage, handling Shakespearean text and ability to collaborate will grow. On the final day of the semester, students will perform for their peers and parents!

GO DEEPER! Pair this class with Art and Science of the Italian Renaissance!

Teacher: Lynn Hayes

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