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A More Perfect Union

In this class, we will explore the Charters of Freedom: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These documents were foundational in the formation of the United States and its philosophy.  Students will learn how to become citizens by understanding each of these documents’ History and application in our daily lives.  In the process, we will study different presidents and critical historical events that shaped our country, from the first settlers, the colonists, and the Revolution, our nation’s early years up to the Civil War.   We will emphasize the different cultures and races that make this nation.  At the end, we will take an actual naturalization test. This class is designed for the school year. The Spring will be focused on the Constitution and learning our rights as citizens. We will cover our History from Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement. Students will be working on presentations and there will be reading and homework and video quizzes that will go along with our reading.

Materials needed:

1.  We the People 
2. Don’t know much about U.S. Historyhttps://www.amazon.com/About-American-History-About-Paperback/dp/0064408361/ref=sr_1_6?crid=QF79KM9Y13AF&dchild=1&keywords=dont+know+much+about+history&qid=1625643140&sprefix=dont+know+much+about+%2Caps%2C230&sr=8-6

Teacher: Martha Zittel

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