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Beautiful Math (5-8yo.)

Math is certainly one of the most beautiful sciences. Well, as the base of all Science, Math has depth and poetry and a plethora of design that can bring our minds together in awe on the beauty of it.
Come and join us in this hour of discovery, adventure and fun.  We will play math games, make bidimensional art following the line designs from around the world, tessellation designs,number spirals,  origami, geometry art; we will build 3D models and pop up cards.   We will introduce concepts of geometry, symmetry, coordinates, place value, measurement, pattern,fractions, statistics and we will reinforce the ability of our brain to wrap around numerical and visual explanations. We will touch upon some of the most amazing mathematicians in History. Also, we will incorporate brain education through the movement of our bodies.
There will be plenty to show at the end of the semester in our Showcase.
Ages: 5-8yo.
Teacher: Martha Zittel
Cost: $225 (includes all materials)