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Details about SB277

SB 277 is the bill that was passed by Governor Brown this week that removes the Personal Exemption from vaccinations for children that attend Public Schools or Private Schools.   This bill was amended prior to being signed to provide exceptions for homeschooling in California. The bill, now a law, can be viewed here.

How does this relate to Learn Beyond The Book from our understanding at this point? Learn Beyond The Book is not a school.  It is a Tutoring/Resource/Community Center for homeschoolers and hybrid schoolers and is not affiliated with the California Department of Education.   Students attending here are either home-based private school students (exempt) or independent study charter students (exempt except for classroom-based instruction).  All documentation about vaccinations, if applicable, will be taken care of at the charter or the home-based school.

Families filing a Private School Affidavit (classified as home-based private schools) are not affected by this bill and neither are kids in independent study charters.  The new law seems to apply to classroom instruction at a charter from our understanding, but it is still widely debated.

The medical exemption, of course, still is in place as well.

As always with legal matters, you should confirm your school’s interpretation of SB277.

If you have filed a personal exemption as of 1/1/16, you are grandfathered into this new law until your child moves to a new stage of learning, e.g. junior high or high school .  This means that you will not need to show proof of vaccination until entering Kindergarten or 7th grade or 9th grade.  This exemption ends as of 7/1/16 and at that time, once a child enters 7th-12th grade they will be required to show proof of vaccination.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email LearnBeyondTheBook@gmail.com

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