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Career Development classes this Fall

Even though all the engaging, hands-on classes offered at Learn Beyond The Book eventually could lead to a career, a few classes this Fall can result in an actual job shortly after taking the class.   Below are some details.

Aviation – SCV

This Fall, Jonny Hyman, a private pilot himself with a certification to teach Private Pilot Ground School, will be teaching that and students will be able to go take a test after this class and start their flight training upon passing the test.  This could lead to careers in Aviation.

If you’ve ever met Jonny, you know that Aviation is one of his biggest passions and he loves to share his knowledge about that.

Technology & Programming – SCV & some in Sherman Oaks

Another class that Jonny will be teaching this semester, Computer Technology, could potentially result in a tech support job.  In this class students take apart a computer, investigate and study all parts of the computer, put it back together, learn about software and learn how to trouble shoot if their computer is giving them trouble.

In the same vain, the Website Design & SEO/Marketing class helps students (including adults) put together their own websites in WordPress for either a personal portfolio or business and teaches students how to optimize their reach online with search engine optimization (SEO) skills.  This class is taught by Anthony Franck, who does Website Design, Internet Marketing & SEO as a full-time job.

Last, but not least in the Technology field, we have several programming classes.  For the Minecraft lovers, there will be Minecraft Mods.  There will also be Programming with Python, Java Programming and C# programming combined with 3D modeling in Maya and Unity, all taught by programmers and the last taught by a high school credentialed Digital Arts teacher.

Acting – SCV & Sherman Oaks & Lancaster

For the actor kids in our midst, we have several Theater classes, but one that directly benefits their audition process would be the On Camera Acting classValerie Gould, an acting coach, will work through scenes with the kids and help them if they are in need of guidance entering the entertainment industry.  She has years of experience with her own son being the voice of Nemo in the Finding Nemo movie and her daughter in many well-known Disney shows and more.

Medical Billing – SCV

This course provides a student with all the skills they need to enter the Medical Billing profession.  It will run for the year, but if students really want to move forward quickly, they could finish it in a shorter amount of time.  It is taught by Pat Schneider, who has taught many others and provides internship opportunities for students after the class thanks to her contacts in the medical profession field.

Public Speaking – SCV

Public Speaking is a skill that is needed in every job these days.  Presentations are standard fare and students need to know how to do it.  The Public Speaking & Debate classes will even be beneficial when it comes to job applications!  It is taught by Nick Bremner, who participated in numerous Debate competitions throughout high school and college.

Hope you can join us for some of these classes!

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