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Middle School Science

Middle school science is broken up into two full-year courses that discuss all disciplines of science. Students could take both courses in one year, but typically one will be taken in 6th/7th grade and the other in 7th/8th grade. The courses will be offered onsite for the 2022-2023 school year, with the option to attend via ZOOM. Online students must understand that a live class is being presented and that the instructor will do her best to incorporate everyone. Weekly activities are hands-on and can be completed from home, with printing and supplies requested. 

Middle School Science – Earth & Life Science

FALL- This semester we will start by looking at the earth and its 4 main spheres: geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.  We will explore earth science topics such as plate tectonics, weather and climate, and history as well as begin our life science unit with cells and the kingdoms of life found on earth.

SPRING- This semester we will continue our investigation of the kingdoms of life with the large Animal Kingdom and an exploration of your body systems.  We will then move into heredity and genetics; both at the DNA level with mutations and how they change organisms over time, and at the theory level with Mendel’s patterns of inheritance.  We end with all living and non-living things interacting in our ecology unit and a discussion of sustainability and conservation.

Middle School Science – Chemistry, Physics, Space Science

FALL- This semester we will start with Chemistry and look at the building blocks for basically everything in the universe, aka atoms. The behavior of atoms, particularly their electrons, is the reason for compounds and their physical/chemical properties and why chemical reactions occur.  From there we will start exploring Physics with a focus on forces and motion.

SPRING- This semester we will continue with Physics looking closer at waves and the electromagnetic spectrum. Then we will investigate Space and the issues we face as humans exploring the universe.  

Teacher: Brooklyne Coulter

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