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Why does Learn Beyond The Book exist?  Why should I use it?

Learn Beyond The Book exists to provide support and help to homeschooled students and parents.  We provide not only the classes, but also social clubs, information meetings and workshops about homeschooling, field trips, camping trips, and other social events.  We give children the part of education that is sometimes hard to create in a home, which is a taste of a classroom environment and the opportunity to see friends on a regular basis and socialize.


What makes Learn Beyond The Book different?

We take great care in selecting highly qualified and caring teachers and mentors.  Each teacher is an expert in their field that they’re teaching, which makes it a bit like a-la-carte college for kids, where you just pick specific classes taught by someone who is passionate about their topic.  This way their passion spills over to the students! Our class sizes don’t exceed 12 students to make sure everyone gets a high level of interaction with the teacher and the teacher knows where every child is at.  We care about the whole child, not just academically. We work really hard on creating a physically and emotionally safe environment where everyone can grow and learn at their own pace.  We do not tolerate bullying and unkind behavior. We always welcome input and feedback from parents as well.

Lastly, we simplify fees.  We have NO registration fee, NO materials fee, just one tuition cost based on the day of the week.  Mondays = $260/semester/class (1 less week on Mondays because of holidays) and Tuesday-Thursday = $275/semester/class unless otherwise noted on the class description.



How do I pay for classes?

We are a vendor for all the charter schools serving our city, so families in charter schools can use their funds to pay for classes.  For the rest, tuition payments can be broken into 5 equal payments.



Is there a sibling discount?

No, unfortunately not, due to the fact that our prices are already cut as far as possible, but at the beginning of every registration period, we offer early registration with a 10% discount across the board at the first Open House evening we host right after our schedule gets released.


What kinds of classes are offered?

We offer all the core classes for different levels (Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies) and a ton of enrichment, for example Music classes (Homeschool Band, Guitar, Strings), Technology classes (Technology, Programming, Video Game Design, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design), Performing Arts (Theater, Improv, Stage Combat), Fine Arts (lots of Art classes, even cross-curricular, Art History, Ceramics), Home Economics (Cooking, Sewing), Film Genres, Public Speaking and Debate, PE, 2nd Language (French) and more.


How do I know which Math class my child should go into?

You would decide based on what they have done most recently.  Here are the levels of Math we offer (based on skills and mastery):

Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Reading clocks, Simple measuring, Money

Multiplication & Division

Decimals, % and Fractions

Integers, Measurements & Word Problems

Pre-Algebra (year-long course)

Algebra 1 (year-long course)

Geometry (year-long course)

Algebra 2 (year-long course)

If you aren’t sure, email us and we’ll help you with assessing it.


I’m new to homeschooling, so where do I even start?!

See this article for a plan of action