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Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math (5-8yo.)

This 3 hour class will cover Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Math, Science, and Art.

Nature is all around us – from the trees that grow up out of the Earth to the birds that fly high in the sky – and its beauty has fascinated humans since the beginning of history.  Come find out just how important nature is to our survival and how we can protect it.

This unit study class will focus on social studies, science, and language arts, while incorporating art and elements of math.

In social studies, we will learn about how important nature has been throughout history and across cultures.  We will:

  • Read myths, legends, and folktales that revolve around nature
  • Learn how animals have been compared to humans
  • Discover how people of the past used stories to explain things in nature
  • Find out how nature holds the key to all we need for survival

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Compare experiences of characters across cultures
  • Compare language and oral traditions (stories) that reflect customs, regions, and cultures
  • Identify similarities and differences across texts in topics, characters, and themes
  • Identify the importance of the setting to a story’s meaning
  • Increase knowledge of other cultures by reading stories from around the world
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions based on events in the story
  • Recognize the distinguishing features of familiar genres, including myths and folktales
  • Analyze similarities and differences among families and communities in different times and in different places

In science, we will learn all about ecosystems, including:

  • Interdependent relationships
  • Natural resources
  • Environmental changes
  • Caring for the Earth

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe environmental changes that affect living things
  • Describe how living things are dependent on their environment and other living things
  • Describe how living things change their environment to meet their needs.
  • Examine ways people can protect the environment
  • Identify and describe the importance of Earth’s materials
  • Observe and describe the habitats of living things within an ecosystem

Teacher: Rachael Ward/Ashlyn Setterfield

Pricing: If a student signs up for the whole 3 hour block, their total cost is $525 for the semester.  If they can only do one of the 1 1/2 hour blocks, their cost is $275.

Ages: 5-8 yo.

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