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Band Club – Winds and Percussion instruments

Join the band! In this class, kids will learn the fundamentals of playing a brass, woodwind, or concert percussion instrument. No previous music experience is necessary!  They’ll learn it all there!  Students will gain skills in instrument technique, ear training, rhythms, and music reading. They will work as a team to create a concert program for the end of the session.

The ultimate goal is to form a Learn Beyond The Book community orchestra in conjunction with students from the Strings class and even adults who can play these instruments would be welcome to join in that.

Instruments offered: 



alto saxophone



concert percussion

Private lessons are available for all enrolled band students at no charge.

Materials needed: Students must provide their own instruments, band books and folding music stand.  Beginning Band uses Sound Innovations Book 1.  Intermediate Band uses Essential Elements Book 2.  Rental instruments, music stands and books are easy to obtain at Nick Rail Music or other music stores.

Teacher: Kris Chase

Cost: Since the class is only 45 minutes for each level, the cost is reduced, so the class will be a total of $135 for intermediate and $135 for beginners.  If a parent’s child is enrolled, the parent can also join the band for free!

Ages: 8+yo.

To register: Click here

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