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Yoga, Nature, Community -Interdisciplinary Unit Study

This Unit-study follows and begins to break down the 6 branches of yoga in a fun and hands-on way through nature, movement, and community.

We will explore the world around us: earth, nature, the elements, cultures, community, creativity, creation (and so much more) through use of our senses, thoughts, actions, and the wide-array of resources we have available to us through various forums of media.
We will transform the traditional yoga practice into a creative, stimulating, and fun bonding experience that can begin to give children a better sense of self as individuals and as members of a community. We will work together. We will work apart. We will encourage autonomy and encourage the heart.
This curriculum is ever-evolving( as are we), but always ties together knowledge from different areas: art, history, social studies, literacy, science, etc.
We look forward to connecting/reconnecting with you!

Teacher: Gabriela Viramontes

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