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High School Literature & Composition

Students will write for a variety of purposes, including journal writing, informational flyer, and letter to the editor.  They will do some of the writing in class on laptops (students have to supply these) and continue at home.  Students will sharpen their composition skills through a focus on writing good paragraphs and organized essays in a variety of genres, such as informative, cause and effect, persuasive, and research essays.  Students will plan, organize, and revise written works in response to feedback on drafts.  This class will emphasize the important aspects of the writing process, including brainstorming a topic, types of thesis statements, and “essay maps”, writing topic sentences, using appropriate tone, and writing with purpose.

Students will be expanding their vocabularies with a vocabulary game each week.  They will also have a writing warm up game every week to get their writing brains engaged.

Book lists will be posted soon.

In class  we will focus on

Vocabulary games

Discussion of recurring themes

Discussion of literary devices (allusion, foreshadowing, irony)

Focus heavily on the writing process (brainstorm, outline, draft, edit and revise writing projects) and writing an organized, 5 paragraph essay with a well developed thesis.

Students will have about 1 hour of homework per week working on their projects.

Teacher: Lizzie Scott

Cost: Please see pricing chart

Ages: 13-18yo.

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